Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Nick Cave Easy Money

Let's begin with a little music by Nick Cave singing Easy Money from the album Abattoir Blues/Lyre of Orpheus which I have made into a video without images :

And here's a little piece of verse I will offer up to you:

by gordon Coombes

God’s hand stretched
across the blue sky
as puffy dream like clouds float by
circles within circles
spheres within spheres
blessing the holy masses
of busy shoppers
consumed with the
act of consuming
their minds reeling
with visions of things
to buy in this concrete
and steel cathedral
of greed and avarice
in this fallen age
of the garden of earthly delights -

The V for victory of the flying buttresses
the Greek columns forced
design a mere subterfuge
to entice beings without spirit
without a spiritual home
the play of light
on the stain glass
of this new cathedral
confuses and blinds
the eye of the beholder -

Is this the new Crucifix upon which
we place our hopes and dreams
is this the Shrine upon which we burn
our candles and incense
paying homage waiting
for a blessing
as we go window shopping
in the midst of the fast food fair
we sit meditating
trying to resolve a Zen koan
or we sit starring into space
our eyes blank
soothed by these soft pastels
and take communion
with a burger and coke -

take care,

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