Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Coleman Hawkins & "As if " part one

Anyway I put together a couple of videos of pieces by Jazz great Coleman Hawkins from his 1952 album The Hawk Flies High - a wonderful way to start the day or for late night listening -

Coleman Hawkins -Chant

Coleman Hawkins- Think Deep

And here's part one of the poem As If

As If
by Gordon

as if a hundred novels lurked just below the surface
deep inside of us
as if the world itself swirled about just beneath the surface
deep inside of us
as if our eyes contained the world becoming what we see
reborn deep inside of us -

as if mountain ranges plateaus the steppes & savannas
fields of wheat fields of snow to rocky barrens to green meadows
to atolls islands to polar ice-caps even the continents
were contained deep inside of us-

as if every word ever said from the inane & mundane
to the profound & insightful to words of anger resentment jealousy sadness
to compassionate to mean & spiteful to juicy bits of idle gossip
to farewells to see you later to bugger off & never come back again
were filed away & still breathing
deep inside of us -

as if every sound ever heard from complaining crows screeching blue jays
choruses of singing frogs to trees groaning in heavy winds
to startling sirens of ambulances police cars fire-engines
rumbling eighteen -wheeler trucks to quiet slow moving hearses
leading funeral processions to song-birds singing sweetly
to rippling roaring crashing thunderous waves of oceans & lakes
streams & rivers against rocks & sand
stirring beneath the surface deep inside of us-

as if all the dead were locked away screaming sobbing lamenting
some demanding to send out messages to the world
some gently reaching out to comfort us
some quietly meditating having found peace at last
deep inside of us -

as if the beloved were waiting just below the surface
arms out-stretched to embrace
deep inside of us-

as if sometimes the ice inside of us were too thick even to crack
leaving only the clear blue pack-ice jammed against the shore
deep inside of us -

see you later,

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