Sunday, September 16, 2007

" Cherry -Blossoms Falling Like Snow " & Bruce Cockburn's My Beat

So start your work week with a little music so here's a video I created of Bruce Cockburn 'S a happy little ditty - its audio only but I do like the song so enjoy -

Cherry-Blossoms Falling Like Snow
by Gordon Coombes

In the glow of street-lights
snow falls
melts on our skin
turned to ice
our hearts are broken
shattered by the weight of Cherry-blossoms
falling as thick as snow-

glowing hot embers
inside us
children of fire
children of ice-

brutal sharp edged
ice cold dreams & delusions
take the axe to the ice
our spirit frozen over
lingering lurking
in a few thin centimeters
in the folds of mud
at the bottom
beneath a mile deep frozen ocean-

not a hint of a breeze
snowflakes tumbling down
dreaming of tumbling
& nothing else into eternity
dreaming of being immortal
dreaming before dying-

the wind through trees
pushing leaves aside
green or red or golden
nothing else
bending branches
dreaming believing

clouds race across the sky
crashing into China-blue cracked
broken pottery
of the untutored heavens
sent into the delusions
of the stratosphere
dissipating into a thin vapor
drifting over fields of wheat
over fields of snow
over fields of sand
over the badlands
over the heart- lands
over flat-lands fading
into the horizon
slipping over & down mountains
losing their anchor
in the moment-

have you known love
or only a vague shadow of love
being someone else’s idea of desperation
fearing being alone-

becoming walking talking clichés
being fodder for another’s compost heap
being grist for another’s mill-

our lives but an interlude
a little romp
in another’s great adventure-

the great white whale surfaces
in Walden Pond
piercing God’s blue reflected eye
painted on the ceiling
of our sanctuary in this run-down
rooming-house of the soul-

See you later,

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