Café Apollinaire XVI (Cynic)

Tales From Café Apollinaire
variations on distilled dreams


We hear rumours of a sly misanthropic 
fearful would be Jesuit who watches scenes
gruesome and cruel of tortures brutal & ingenious
bodies left to rot in deserted woods
in empty apartments til the stench is overwhelming
shooting and beating to death survivors
of a ship wreck he watches with delight
a rogue shark tearing apart flesh and limbs
of swimmers having a taste for blood
knowing he and the shark are the same
to believe otherwise is to go against nature
he sits in the city's Public Gardens
with a revolver shooting pigeons
to watch them wrything as they die
beneath the century old purple rhododendron
where daily befuddled newly weds take 
the same worn out photo 
before the rot sets in 
whispers the cynic to me -

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