Haiku and Aphorisms I

Haiku and aphorisms I: ash grey swifts appear
edited June 14,2002 And Sept. 22, 2017
Gordon Coombes

Ash grey swifts appear
as evening comes near
against the red sky aflame-

a birthday comes and goes
years passing marked
upon flowing water-

upon flowing water
all the details
of a life are written-

Death is a bend
in the river around
which we cannot see-

This bed I lie on shakes
as high winds shake the house
in which I hide from time-

Looking within we find
the gold of the Alchemist-

walking on Zen roads
into the horizon
beneath an enchanted 
orange moon-

Listening to the wind
through grass and trees
the gentle fog caresses my face-

digging in the soil
small black dog at my side
a duck drops from the sky
floats by me-

Digging to deepen the pond
discovering precious gems within
reflect the sky-

A storm rages outside
inside this hut
the Buddha sits undisturbed-

the ocean roars
waves thunder
into the shore
on a towering cliff
I sit undisturbed-

No hint of a breeze
no clouds in the sky
within is a cyclone of confusion-

The time of drought
a foot stepping
on a dry brittle twig-

out of the fog appears 
An ethereal form 
a spirit a soul
an emanation of God-

Buddha Nature
an archetype asleep
waiting to be born-

God's in the washroom
sneaking a puff of weed-

all my days fall like rain
they keep falling
til the rain-barrel is full-

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