The Jade Tower

The Jade Tower
vision of the ancient sage
Gordon Coombes


The Jade Tower arises from a field
of shimmering pack-ice stretching to the horizon
at first a bit hazy then it blossoms into full bloom-

An old Ancient Sage lives in the tower
I am filled with memories of him
his sayings are precious to me
they come from a place
to which I would dare not venture
to see the world & one's self so clearly-


while the storms rage
the wind rips trees out of the ground
by their roots shears roofs off of houses
pity the lost wanderer searching for shelter
on the wind-swept barrens 
that jut into the cold grey Atlantic
the Ancient Sage is left undisturbed-

while wars rage
as the corpses are piled up
no one is safe
as missiles rip through the skies
each side claims to take the part
of justice & righteousness
so many hearts are turned to stone
as the Ancient Sage is left undisturbed
in his prayers & meditation-

Yet the Ancient Sage remains seated
his mind unclouded
he pities those whose souls
desire war more than peace
as the champions of peace
are tried & judged as traitors
to their own land
the Ancient Sage pities those who desire riches
& pay no heed to the longing of their souls-


Walking along the parapets
viewing the world from
a gleaming shinning jade tower
finally inside after all these years
able to read its runic symbols
its hieroglyphics and cuneiform
left written on the walls
the keys to its secrets and mysteries
the ice-floe stretches out forever
the shimmering sunlight
reflecting from the field of ice
like an angel's wings spreading outward
as if to embrace the whole of the world-

the light fills my head
like icicles piercing my skull
cold and glittering I have become ice
the thin membrane which separates the world
from myself has been torn asunder
and  I and the world are one
the world is a reflection of God 
we are part of God's reflection
all around us and inside us is God
God dreamed us and so we have taken form
as we spend our days dreaming of God
as we open our eyes we see God everywhere-

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