Café Apollinaire Part XIX, Mixed Messages

Mixed Messages in Deciphered Dreams
From Tales of Café Apollinaire
Variations On Distilled Dreams

Tales from Café Apollinaire is
a work in progress
a work in process
a poem a vision of a poem
trapped in language
a painting of an ethereal vision
a series of paintings a collage
a montage of a thousand stories
of a thousand characters
all of it cut and dry
all of it bleeding from each part
into another filled
with false endings
we become Brahma in eternal sleep
becoming Vishnu spinning dreams
becoming the creator of myths
becoming Shiva destroyer of worlds
becoming destroyers of our selves
becoming the creator of worlds
becoming a slave to reality
becoming a slave to imagination
becoming the master manipulator of words
becoming wedded to words
becoming divorced from words
becoming prisoners of words
becoming prisoners of Café Apollinaire
becoming liberated at Café Apollinaire
we reconstruct ourselves at Café Apollinaire
we deconstruct ourselves at Café Apollinaire
we dissolve into points of light and colour
as we become part of a Surrealist painting-

We are in a Global Village plugged in
riding the cathode tube waves
of silver screens
riding binary codes
from silicon chips
on fiber-optic mercurial wings
Technicolor frescoes bombarded
by points of light
on moving mirages of montages
transcending virtual reality
transactional quasi-truncated interactive
multi-media megabytes
giga-bytes of satellites
in the dense sea shine of silicon chips
on information highways and byways
breaking down illusions of distance and time
as simultaneity becomes our overarching
myth making reality
in a magical surreal stream
of flowing images
in a single crystal moment -

Sending messages
beaming them off of Satellites
in space and back again-

Between sender and receiver
the message is garbled
twisted misshapened
sounds intelligible
the clockwork wheels inside your head
grind away at the words
finding your own meaning
to swear allegiance to
to take offence to
words a poor substitute
for the pictures and visions inside of us
for the emotions inside of us
ideas swirling about
at first a tidy painter's palette
paints becoming mixed
colours and shades changing
each new set of eyes
perceives differently
beautiful mundane grotesque-

the grotesque as fascinating
as the beautiful each touches
some ancient primordial part
deep inside of each of us -

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