Café Apollinaire, Part XX, Mixed Messages (2)

From Tales of Café Apollinaire
Variations On Distilled Dreams
Part XX,
Mixed Messages in Deciphered Dreams (Part II)

Mythical Prismatic Paris
shimmering yellow glow of gas light
a beacon in the dark fog draped world
distilled in dreams
at the Café Apollinaire -

The Eiffel tower a lighthouse
a guide to wandering artists and outcasts
to erect the New Jerusalem
of wandering minstrels
prophets and visionaries
for the future struggles-

Beaming mixed messages
from the Eiffel Tower
to the tower of Pisa
to the statue of liberty
to the Empire State building
to the opera House in Sydney Australia
to the Bushmen of the Outback
voyagers in the Dream-Time
to Red Square to the Kremlin and Lenin's tomb
to tennehmen square
to the Great Wall of China
to the crumbling Berlin Wall
to the ancient temples of Ceylon
Tibet Thailand and Laos
to Tokyo Hiroshima & Nagasaki
to the Townships of South Africa
to the African grasslands
to Kilimanjaro mount Everest
to mount fuji to the Swiss Alps
to the Rocky mountains to Mount Blaine
to the Andes to Devil's Rock
to the Hanging Rock
from Parnassus to Olympus
to the stoney rock face of Toledo
to sun-drenched Madrid
to the Balkans to the Black Forest
to the Sahara to the Badlands of Alberta
from St.Denis Gate to St. Denis Cemetery
to St. Denis Mountain on the Bras d’or Lakes
to Kelly's mountain and Cape Smokey
from Robert Burns' statue on Spring Garden Road
in Halifax to his statue in Red Square
to Karl Marx's statue in Hyde Park
to the Taj Mahal to the Wailing Wall
to the Vatican City to mount Sinai
to Mount Arratt to the Martello Tower
at Sandy Cove to James Joyce the fearful Jesuit
to Leopold Bloom cooking kidneys for breakfast
to Molly Bloom lounging in bed
in a pure stream of consciousness
to Allen Ginsberg & Henry Miller
to Charles Bukowski and Jack Kerouac
Howling at the moon -

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