Café Apollinaire , Part IX, Ancient Sage

Tales From Café Apollinaire
Variations on Distilled Dreams
Part IX- Ancient Sage

the Ancient Sage 
reads poetry to the converted 
at the Café Apollinaire and other 
dimly-lit smokey cafés 
wears a prayer shawl 
thumbs his rosary beads 
meditates on a Zen Koan 
cries out " Oh Jerusalem" 
sings a couple of verses 
of the wild man William Blake 
tries to explain the three fold 
and four fold visions of poetry 
wears clothes from Tibet 
dreams of Nepal 
carries a photo of the Dali Lama 
and the Pope shaking hands 
and one of the Sacred Heart 
places crucifixes around his room 
chanting facing Mecca 
seven times a day 
refuses to drink wine 
refuses to eat pork or beef 
prays to the Ravens in the tree 
outside his window 
prays to Krishna and Vishnu 
and Shiva and Brahma 
asks the Buddha for a sign 
prays to Gloosecap and Manitou 
and the Sacred Buffalo 
burns incense and sweet grass 
fills his room with the statues 
of Gods and Demons 
hoping for inspiration 
to keep the world at bay 
waits to be transported 
in a trance in a state of Grace 
to Golgotha to Mount Sinai 
in Elijah's chariot of fire 
to Mount Olympus 
to Nirvana or Shangri-la 
to paradise or Valhalla 
he must be sure 
he must be certain 
so he covers all his bases 
or maybe he'll get to go 
on the package tour 
to visit all the lands of the dead - 

the ancient sage says 
the world is filled with wolves 
hungry about to devour us 
at any moment 
demons of all sorts 
dance about us 
invisible taunting us 
waiting for us 
to make one false move 
then to the lower realms 
of Hades or Hell or the Isle of the dead 
we will descend 
or be reborn to suffer even more 
or just to relive it all over again 
and so he hides in his room 
and in his books in his own head dreaming 

having visions of a dying world - 

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