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Arcade Fire Hipster Attack -Best Band In The World - Neon Bible In An Elevator

Arcade Fire Hipster Attack

The music "Know Nothings' in a bizarre twist accuse the Grammy awards of being fixed because the band that won for best album they never heard of. Well that's their problem.

Music critic Steve Tout believes that the proof is that Arcade fire were able to play one of their own songs without having rehearsed supposedly at the auditorium .

Arcade Fire has probably played that song a hundred times or more as with any of their songs.
Why shouldn't they be able to play one of their songs in an impromptu moment as it were.

They are always on tour and before and during tours they work on the musical arrangements in a rather obsessive manner.They do not lip-sync, they are professional musicians but they don't rely on having a stage show with a group of professional dancers or choreographer , at times they do use various lighting and stage effects, big screen tvs and other props but at other times they will appear to be minimalist.

One of Arcade Fire' most interesting and arty and surreal if you like videos is the band performing Neon Bible in an elevator... One member keeps the beat by tearing pages out of a magazine a must see. So since my editor insists I guess here it is from 2007-

Arcade Fire and fans go on the offensive post-Grammy win
Are you still angry about album of the year going to some hipster no-name band? Time to get over it by Drew Grant at, Feb. 23,2011

Hey, remember last week, when everyone was really upset that this band no one has ever heard of won the Grammy for album of the year? Everyone was like "Who/what is an Arcade Fire and what do they have to do with the 'Suburbs'?" There was even a whole website dedicated to people not knowing who Arcade Fire was. It's like these people never listened to the trailer for "Where the Wild Things Are."

In one of the most vocal criticisms of the band's win, record executive Steve Toute took out a full-page ad in the New York Times, completely blasting the NARAS and the Grammys for losing "touch with contemporary popular culture" and also fixing the awards. His evidence? Because after their win, Arcade Fire played two songs, one right after each other, and were completely prepared!

As the show was coming to a close and just prior to presenting the award for Album of the Year, Arcade Fire performed 'Month of May' only to, surprise, win the category and, in a moment of sheer coincidence, happened to be prepared to perform 'Ready to Start.' Does the Grammys intentionally use artists for their celebrity, popularity and cultural appeal when they already know the winners and then program a show against this expectation?

Complete conspiracy. Or else, you know, these guys tour a lot and are used to impromptu performances. (Steve is also mad Justin Bieber didn’t win, by the way.)

While Steve's shot is directed more toward the Grammys than with Arcade Fire itself, we have to wonder if NARAS is really "losing touch with contemporary pop culture." Millions of hipsters disagree with you there, Steve. Like the guys in Funemployed, the comedy group behind the "Arcade Fire Hipster Attack" video. These dudes are ready to pound the daylights out of anyone trying to besmirch their favorite soundscape artists.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

More Arcade Fire: Grammy Winners" Intervention" Eisenstein's Battle Ship Potemkin , Cover of Clash's "Guns of Brixton" & "My Body Is A Cage" Sergio Leone

Arcade Fire Cover of Clash song Guns Of Brixton
with french horn, hurdy gurdy, upright bass & megaphones

For those brave citizens rising up against Tyranny in Middle East and Africa

Intervention by Arcade Fire edited with footage of The film Battle Ship Potemkin by Eisenstein
Note this video compilation has been on Youtube since 2007 and has had almost 2 million viewings

and check this out Arcade Fire song My Body is a Cage using the iconic ending of the great Sergio Leone western "Once Upon A Time In The West " (Charles Bronson, Henry Fonda )

Arcade Fire "My Body is a Cage" "with Sergio Leone's "Once Upon a Time in the West"... my favorite western." hat tip to Youtuber jthelms 2007
this video has received over 3,500,000 viewings.

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Arcade Fire -Best Band in The World Unknown by Many???

Arcade Fire -Intervention on SNL Saturday Night Live

How is it that so many Grammy awards viewers never heard of Arcade Fire- they have been on SNL , David Letterman, Conan, Jools Holland's show in the UK etc.
If interested watch some the videos on YOUTUBe. They play songs in various styles-sometimes soft sweet sentimental or full ahead rock ie keep the Car Running or Intervention , Rebellion Lies Each new album has been a revelation -each time we wait to be surprised in the direction they musically and lyrically -They are as it were a Work in Progress -

And here they are performing with David Bowie- great version of Arcade Fire's signature song Wake Up! Bowie and others such as U2 and Clash have been promoting them for years

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Egyptian Uprising Noam Chomsky Calls "Remarkable"

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Noam Chomsky gives his analysis of the Egyptian Revolution
Obama did little to in this situation to prove Americans really are in favor of democracy and then speaks as if he is on Mubarak side when all is said and done.

Egyptian Protests Expose Fraudulent U.S. "Spreading Democracy" Meme
Submitted by Steve Horn Via on January 31, 2011

The Egyptian people have exposed the great myth that prevails in the sphere of United States' foreign policy, namely that U.S. foreign policy elites are concerned with "spreading democracy."

That is because, as Hampshire College's Michael Klare has written, since 1945, the United States has maintained a foreign policy that is centered around "blood and oil." The foreign policy establishment often uses "democracy spreading" as a public relations platitude because it sounds much better than saying, "We went to war for oil." But caring about democracy goes out the window when one truly scrutinizes U.S. foreign policy through a critical lens. Sourcewatch calls this phenomenon Big Oil, Big Lies.
Case Studies Exposing the Mythology

Several case studies ring a bell.

Case in point: The cozy relationship with Azerbaijan, a country with one of the worst human rights track records in the world. It just happens to be next to the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan (BTC) pipeline, and is strategically located next to Iran, another oil-rich country.

Case in Point: Those who know the history of Iran know that in 1953, the Central Intelligence Agency and the MI6 together overthrew the democratically-elected leader, Mohammed Mossadegh.

The reason? Mossadegh decided to nationalize Iran's oil and British Petroleum, then called the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company, didn't like that very much. Thus, Mossadegh was overthrown and replaced with the oil-industry friendly Shah Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi, a man who happened to be brutally oppressive toward his own people.

To repeat, the U.S. had a democracy in Iran, but because that democracy chose to nationalize its oil, the U.S. overthrew it.

Case in point: The long-standing "special relationship" with Saudi Arabia, a country with one of the worst human rights' track records in the world. Last time I checked, I heard they have quite a bit of oil, too.

Case in point: The overt favoritism by the U.S. toward Israel in the Israel-Palestine conflict. Israel is currently in the midst of its 44th year of the illegal occupation of Palestinian territory and on a daily basis commits egregious human rights violations against the Palestinian people, all while the United States showers Israel with expensive toys, to the tune of over $3 billion+ per year in military aid.

Case in point: The "special relationship" with Egypt that has existed since the days of Henry Kissinger-led "shuttle diplomacy", which resulted in the Israel-Egypt Peace Treaty of 1979 (yes, this Henry Kissinger). Egypt switched from being a Cold War enemy to a Cold War ally, and a country that has had an atrociously bad human rights' record for decades has now erupted from within as a backlash against this. The U.S. is complicit in these Hosni Mubarak-led human rights abuses, as it is caught in a pickle, which is the "special relationship." These abuses are irrelevent to the foreign policy establishment though, for Egypt is located on the Israeli border, and like Israel, serves as a client state in the region.

Some have called this moment in history in Egypt Obama's 9-11, for it is quite obvious that he has no clue what to do about it or what to say about it. While true, the most apparent and least presumptive thing to say right now is that the American Empire has been exposed, its hypocrisy and hubris shed in the limelight, and Nemisis, the Greek Goddess of Revenge, has her eyes peeled and focused on Narcissus -- the United States in this scenario.
The Revolution Carries On

As the days roll on, the Egyptian protests grow in size, with the biggest one yet planned for February 1.

The Middle East, for better or for worse, is a changed place forever and there's no looking back for the Egyptian people now.

Just don't buy the spin about "concern for democratic rights" by Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama -- they could care less about that. They are just scared they are about to lose an obedient regional client.

And then all hell could really break loose in the region, domino effect style.

Only time will tell.

and so it goes,

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Rachel Maddow & The Rightwing Nutters Response To Egyptian Revolution

Rachel Maddow examines the right wing media's insane reactions to Egyptian uprising-
* how dare these barbarians reject our friend Mubarak???
* end of the world
* Communist liberal progressive conspiracy
* The muslims are coming???
* Mubarak is a good ally and should be defended by USA-
* invade Egypt
* Nuke or Bomb Iran
* Israel fears for its existence
* Mubarak nor the US need to act according to Geneva conventions or other human rights international agreements
* Anti-Americans wrote the Geneva Conventions and special international agreements on treatment of POWS or non-combatants- we torture if we want to

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