Tuesday, February 22, 2011

More Arcade Fire: Grammy Winners" Intervention" Eisenstein's Battle Ship Potemkin , Cover of Clash's "Guns of Brixton" & "My Body Is A Cage" Sergio Leone

Arcade Fire Cover of Clash song Guns Of Brixton
with french horn, hurdy gurdy, upright bass & megaphones

For those brave citizens rising up against Tyranny in Middle East and Africa

Intervention by Arcade Fire edited with footage of The film Battle Ship Potemkin by Eisenstein
Note this video compilation has been on Youtube since 2007 and has had almost 2 million viewings

and check this out Arcade Fire song My Body is a Cage using the iconic ending of the great Sergio Leone western "Once Upon A Time In The West " (Charles Bronson, Henry Fonda )

Arcade Fire "My Body is a Cage" "with Sergio Leone's "Once Upon a Time in the West"... my favorite western." hat tip to Youtuber jthelms 2007
this video has received over 3,500,000 viewings.

Happy trails to you,

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