More Teachings Of The Ancient Sage

More Teachings Of The Ancient Sage
2005 edited 2017
Gordon Coombes


see before you the wiseman
sitting in his humble hut
reading and meditating -

see before you the fool
who has lost face
who has fallen into the abyss -

see before you the coward
taking all the glory
then acting the fool -

see before you the lovers
always embracing
later becoming enemies -

see before you death
taking the fool and  the hero
the coward and the wiseman
he has no favourites -

see before you the roads
intersecting leading
to a thousand choices -

see before you the beautiful
in face and limbs
though the soul is twisted
and made ugly -

see before you then the ugly
which is beautiful
as the soul is glorious and kind
with no fear and  an open heart
filled with compassion -

some preach from mountain tops
and hillsides to the multitudes
some preach from a boat on the sea of galilee
some preach in the vast desert
some cry out in the wilderness
some shout into the wind
some preach from beneath a sacred tree -

some preach beside a stream
waiting for the fish to take the bait
some preach from grave-sides and tombs
some preach in the name of one god
some preach invoking a thousand gods
some preach in the name of reason & science
some preach scorning all preaching -   


see before you someone breaking bread
offering wine and a simple message of love
to all who thirst and hunger for truth
offering himself up for the feast
washing the feet of harlots and saints
of the wise the foolish and the vain
of the rich and the poor
making the meek into the rulers of the world
healing the sick and raising the dead
as the Cross on Calvary called to him-

see before you someone asking you to sit
to contemplate the universe
to dispel all your confusion
to bring your mind to rest
to see the world with new eyes
to see through the grand illusion
to be filled with compassion
for all who suffer and die
holding a flower in his hands
preaching without words to a thousand monks-

see before you the messenger of God
whose speech is golden
surrendering to Gabriel
revealing the hidden treasure
unveiling the face of God
in the lush green oasis of the desert
in Medina beneath the cloudless sky
hearing God’s voice in the wind
feeling his presence in the sun moon and stars-

see before you the Prophet
leading thousands across the desert
dressed in white armed only with faith
going on the Hajj to pray in Mecca
and circle the Kabba
in his last days preaching to tens of thousands
from a hill-top his words echoing
on the granite walls
gently taken to the other-side
to pass through the Seven Heavens
to arrive at the Throne of God-

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