Preface to Tales From Café Apollinaire: Manifestos

Preface to Tales From Café  Apollinaire : 
Variations On Distilled Dreams


Broken dreams of Manifestos
written in blood
bodies hung from lamp posts
a season of madness
a season of fantasy-

Manifestos for the masses
for the mass of racists
for the mass of idiots
for the mass of dumb-fucks-

Manifestos for the few
for a corrupt elite
for the fatuous
pompous pretentious
facile materialist
and heady hedonist-

Break Break away from the past
but it cannot be done you say
we are done for
we are done before we begin
the past is in our bones
the past flows through
the marrow of our bones -

the myths of the past
run through our veins-

Break Break away
from the desire to be novel-

Write Write a Manifesto
from the heart
unroll yellowed maps and charts-

Note the ancient signposts
along the way-

See them naked and stripped
the veil of mystery has fallen away-

The hundred thousand Manifestos of the past
is each a step along the way
to the last Manifesto
signed by a party of one
at  Café  Apollinaire -

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