Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Tiger Lillies-Subversively Endearing

Here are a couple of tunes from the subversively endearing & darkly humourous British cult trio The Tiger Lillies :

The Tiger Lillies -Bully Boys

The Tiger Lillies- Crack of Doom

see you later,

Friday, October 12, 2007



About This Video

" 80 years ago the Dada art movement mysteriously disappeared, in 5 minutes, It will return in full force! Part documentary, part instructional video, 100% chaotic journey into the spirit of Dada!"

by Gabriel Barcia-colombo see more at WWW.GABEBC.COM

And now for your edification & lack of anything better to do a selection from my epic-style poem TALES FROM CAFE APOLLINAIRE about poets, artists & crustaceans...

Inside the jumble jar With Marauding Mobs Of Lobsters

Tristan Tzara & Hugo Ball mock
all these foolish feeble artistic
pseudo-philosophical aesthetics
become Surreal become Dada
howl moan sigh shout screech
speak words at random
at random words speak
speak letters not words
in telegraphic dots & dashes
in smoke signals
too much ink has been spilled on paper
no need no point in crying over it
misunderstood words slithering into hiding
hissing about to strike
misunderstanding hiding slithering words
leaving us dying from meaning
shapes of sounds
shapes of pictures
shaken around in the Jumble Jar
sifted from your head
love death fear
what colour what shapes are these
the picture a puzzle a muddle
dreams nightmares en cryptic symbols
hieroglyphics signposts of inscapes
inner maps of the abandoned mines
objects of outscapes inverted
in the mind's eye searching deep within
where words cannot reach
where visions slumber waiting
for the call-

rambling meandering
interior monologues
dialogues of imagined self & soul
of the deluded Mental Traveller
on the experiences of the senses
forcing meaning
light strikes an eye
turns to color a world of light & shadow
color dripping on objects
a continuously moving film
twisting frames into order
sequences jumbled
in the jumble jar
behind our eyes
visions wondrous unspeakable
plunging beneath the surface
giving birth to new myths
others see in dreams
some never go there
some murder dreams on waking
playing in the fields of Archetypes
of fears & fantasies
a poet being attacked by a potbellied stove
being chased by marauding mobs of lobsters
men in bowler hats raining down
melting clocks searching for friends
proselytizing giant Leopard Slugs
on every street corner
no longer there searching for the room
house or apartment where you say you live
a thousand miles from where you are
detachable penises running wild
vaginas with double rows of teeth
all dislodged spread out shamelessly
on the dinner plates for all to see
two scorpions fighting to the death
a straight razor slices open someone's eye
quest sitting around a table
on toilet bowls politely
moving their bowels at Bunuel's request
a feast to feed our heads
at a Banquet at Café Apollinaire
inside the Jumble Jar-

See you next time,

Monday, October 8, 2007

Burma Protest - A Sea of Saffron

October 5, 2007
by gordon coombes

- Lao Tzu -

Lao Tzu in the distance
walks across mountains
and into clouds
disappearing -

- sea of saffron -

sons of the Buddha
a sea of saffron robes
rising against
crashing waves of bullets -

Crimson Lotus Blossoms

My Buddhist friend
whom I call the Ancient Sage
says we are all in the middle of a storm
keep your composure
keep your seat
keep your mind focused
the lotus blossom opens
its delicate leaves
it captures moonlight
it captures a sweet breeze
it captures the shimmering crimson drops
of the sons of the Buddha -

see you later,