Saturday, December 29, 2007

It's A Wonderful Life or How Frank Capra Made Me A Socialist

IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE to " A Beautiful Day " By U2
Dick Cheney playing Old Man Potter : A Story of Mean Spirited Rapacious Capitalism
The Movie Neocons Love to Hate
or How I Became a Socialist

#2 SONG -It's A Wonderful Life
An original song, inspired by a classic theme
Musician ClarenceGotHisWings
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If you have problems go to Youtube it's still there.

A Christmas Carol Alastair Sim - still the best Scrooge
Conscience Awakened or What Would Jesus Do if He were not a Neocon-
" More of Gravy than of Grave in you... an undigested piece of beef "
One must be tough and heartless to succeed -to feel is bad so the successful tell us...
or its ok to feel one day of the year...

But all those well meaning Christians would rather starve the poor and open more sweat shops. Oh how Bush and Harper long for the good old days. Then there were the poor houses and Debtors Prisons. Oh how they dream of the time when you could execute a man for stealing a loaf of bread. And they remember when in the Good Old Days when Oliver Twist and his kind knew their place- ah but that's another story...But oh how they dream on Christmas day when they were treated as princes and kings and everyone bowed their heads as they passed .

Friday, December 28, 2007

A Junky's Christmas

Here's a very different sort of Christmas story by William S. Burroughs.
A JUNKY's Christmas

Here's one of my favorite Christmas stories. William S. Burroughs' " THE JUNKY's Christmas " Narrated by Burroughs.
The Junky gives an answer to What Would Jesus Do?
And what would the conservatives and evangelicals do , oh yes execute the Junky ...
I was unable to upload directly from my computer to this blog. I had to splice it into two sections to upload to Youtube and the download ...

part one

part two

Even a Junky can sometimes redeem himself.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A Junky's Christmas

Here's a very different sort of Christmas story by William S. Burroughs.
A JUNKY's Christmas

Sunday, December 2, 2007


Beethoven combines his musical interpretation with Schiller's poem " ODE TO JOY " Music & poetry combined with the promise of joy & hope.Bernstein's introduction is insightful & inspiring . Enjoy or not as the case may be . In these dark times as we head back into the darkest ages as we lose sight of our commonality that we are all mere mortals instead we clamor for more war & death to prove our superiority to crush millions beneath our feet .



Friedrich Schiller

Ode To Joy

translated by William F. Wertz

Joy, thou beauteous godly lightning,
Daughter of Elysium,
Fire drunken we are ent’ring
Heavenly, thy holy home!
Thy enchantments bind together,
What did custom stern divide,
Every man becomes a brother,
Where thy gentle wings abide.

Be embrac’d, ye millions yonder!
Take this kiss throughout the world!
Brothers—o’er the stars unfurl’d
Must reside a loving Father.}

Who the noble prize achieveth,
Good friend of a friend to be;
Who a lovely wife attaineth,
Join us in his jubilee!
Yes—he too who but {one} being
On this earth can call {his} own!
He who ne’er was able, weeping
Stealeth from this league alone!

He who in the great ring dwelleth,
Homage pays to sympathy!
To the stars above leads she,
Where on high the {Unknown} reigneth.}

Joy is drunk by every being
From kind nature’s flowing breasts,
Every evil, every good thing
For her rosy footprint quests.
Gave she {us} both {vines} and kisses,
In the face of death a friend,
To the worm were given blisses
And the Cherubs God attend.

Fall before him, all ye millions?
{Know’st} thou the Creator, world?
Seek above the stars unfurl’d,
Yonder dwells He in the heavens.}

Joy commands the hardy mainspring
Of the universe eterne.
Joy, oh joy the wheel is driving
Which the worlds’ great clock doth turn.
Flowers from the buds she coaxes,
Suns from out the hyaline,
Spheres she rotates through expanses,
Which the seer can’t divine.

As the suns are flying, happy
Through the heaven’s glorious plane,
Travel, brothers, down your lane,
Joyful as in hero’s vict’ry.}

From the truth’s own fiery mirror
On the searcher {doth} she smile.
Up the steep incline of honor
Guideth {she} the suff’rer’s mile.
High upon faith’s sunlit mountains
One can see {her} banner flies,
Through the breach of open’d coffins
{She} in angel’s choir doth rise.

Suffer on courageous millions!
Suffer for a better world!
O’er the tent of stars unfurl’d
God rewards you from the heavens.}

Gods can never be requited,
Beauteous ’tis, their like to be.
Grief and want shall be reported,
So to cheer with gaiety.
Hate and vengeance be forgotten,
Pardon’d be our mortal foe,
Not a teardrop shall him dampen,
No repentance bring him low.

Let our book of debts be cancell’d!
Reconcile the total world!
Brothers—o’er the stars unfurl’d
God doth judge, as we have settl’d.}

Joy doth bubble from this rummer,
From the golden blood of grape
Cannibals imbibe good temper,
Weak of heart their courage take—
Brothers, fly up from thy places,
When the brimming cup doth pass,
Let the foam shoot up in spaces:
To the goodly Soul this glass!

Whom the crown of stars doth honor,
Whom the hymns of Seraphs bless,
{To the goodly Soul this glass}
O’er the tent of stars up yonder!}

Courage firm in grievous trial,
Help, where innocence doth scream,
Oaths which sworn to are eternal,
Truth to friend and foe the same,
Manly pride ’fore kingly power—
Brothers, cost it life and blood,—
Honor to whom merits honor,
Ruin to the lying brood!

Closer draw the holy circle,
Swear it by this golden wine,
Faithful to the vow divine,
Swear it by the Judge celestial!}

Rescue from the tyrant’s fetters,
Mercy to the villain e’en,
Hope within the dying hours,
Pardon at the guillotine!
E’en the dead shall live in heaven!
Brothers, drink and all agree,
Every sin shall be forgiven,
Hell forever cease to be.

A serene departing hour!
Pleasant sleep beneath the pall!
Brothers—gentle words for all
Doth the Judge of mortals utter!}

that's all for now,