tumbling through the days free fall

tumbling through the days
free fall
 From 2007 re-edited Sept. 25, 2017

tumbling through the days
free fall -

each second is counted
each a brick wall
 a crashing of waves crashing
an opening stumbling towards
our days as slow as a slug
it is a wonder it is tedium
it is a broken jar beyond repair
haunted by living ghosts
like the trolls stealing more ice babies
sitting on a tree stump
snow all around  breathe
shut down the assembly line inside your skull
like that song wheels within wheels
as if it were a good thing
just stop talking
or the long and winding
its boulders not roads
and ice and snow
no cool breeze on a Carribean Island
buildings tumbling
no rest stops ever
into the street they pour
through a river of mirrors
mirrors we know hang from trees
hibernate during the day
nothing to see here
just move along
nothing we didn't know
hearts that never were
blinded by a thousand boiling suns
snowflakes and leaves and finger prints
no two alike

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