Saturday, September 15, 2007

" Haiku & Zen Poems " & David Bowie & Andy Warhol

Painting by Rene Magritte " The Therapist"

And now a funny song about Andy Warhol by David Bowie from his album Hunky Dory:

Haiku & Zen Poems
by Gordon Coombes

at night
the blue glow of TV screens
alive in empty houses-

computers full of life
order servants about-

a continuous humming
the computer dreams
mumbles to itself half-awake-

waves of words
bits & pieces of ourselves
sent over the internet
falling on deaf ears-

our cries of despair & hope
scattered shattered into fragmented
binary codes-

these poems
the Great Master says
are just a distraction-

the Great Master says
the essence of Zen
is poetry-

one hand clapping
silence answers
the Great Master rises at dawn-

Amazed by tiny green emeralds glowing
in darkness droplets of bile
running through dying fingers-

lacking skillful means
lacking patience
east & west collide-

sad to say sad to see
transplanted Lotus dying
the Buddha waits patiently-

the teacher dies of loneliness
waiting for students
who have gone back to sleep-

the student wastes away waiting
returns to his world of delusions
no sign of a compassionate teacher-

no sign of a compassionate teacher
the student returns to a world
of vague shadows & hazy dreams-

Take care,

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