Sunday, September 30, 2007

Dreams Inside The Jumble Jar



Carl Jung & the collective Unconscious from the Skeptics Dictionary:

The collective unconscious is a part of the unconscious mind common to all humans. According to Carl Jung, the collective unconscious contains archetypes, universal mental predispositions not grounded in experience. Like Plato's Forms (eidos), the archetypes do not originate in the world of the senses, but exist independently of that world and are known directly by the mind. Unlike Plato, however, Jung believed that the archetypes arise spontaneously in the mind, especially in times of crisis. Just as there are meaningful coincidences, such as the beetle and the scarab dream described in the entry on synchronicity, which open the door to transcendent truths, so too a crisis opens the door of the collective unconscious and lets out an archetype to reveal some deep truth hidden from ordinary consciousness.

So here's a few lines of verse pulled reluctantly out of my head & soul as it were for your amusement :

Sharing Our Dreams:
Dreams Inside the Jumble Jar
by Gordon Coombes

Sometimes our dreams we share
strange to walk about
inside your dreams
sometimes I invite you
into my dreams
acting the part of a friend
or lost lover
coming into my dreams
as an assassin
a clown with a bouquet of balloons
a madman wielding a hatchet
acting the part of a Guru
sent with a message
from the other-side
a demon sent to sidetrack me
an angel sent to guide me
or you are just a bit player
an extra a spear carrier
adding color to my own little opera-

Sometimes I stand at the threshold
of my dreams or yours
operating one of the cameras
saving these visions seen in dreams-

We journey back & forth
sampling the dreams of others
sharing their fear & their joy
finding adventure as we travel
through an unknown world
the landscape dotted
by their private symbols
wandering around searching
for clues of signposts
of archetypes to give us our bearings
no longer lost in the wilderness
no longer lost at sea-

This is our dream time
searching for a Shaman
to heal our dreams
to remove the weight of our burdens
of the past & future off of us-

Sometimes I am the prey you hunt down
Sometimes I hunt you down
in our dreams-

Sometimes I sneak into your dreams
to bring you pain
to sabotage the prepared script
to create chaos
having become the destroyer of dreams
having become the stealer of dreams
stealing your elaborate visions
to stuff in a sack hidden
in a locked golden room
with a red door
deep in the pitch dark catacombs
of the Jumble Jar-

Sometimes in dreams finally finding love
murdering someone we hate
or someone we love too much-

Even in our dreams
we need to keep our eyes open
& watch your back
remembering nothing is
what it seems
sometimes things are just
what they seem-

Pleasant dreams,

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