Saturday, September 8, 2007

Café Apollinaire: The Proprietor's Vision

And here is a video on YouTube which I wanted to share From: AgaKakaZai

" This is an Opera 'virtual duet' I made, featuri...
This is an Opera 'virtual duet' I made, featuring the legend Pavarotti and Britains Got Talent winner Paul Potts. A truly memorable would-be spectacle if it were to be in reality, but here's how it turns out in a computer simulation.Song: Nessun Dorma

- In the loving memory of Luciano Pavarotti (1935-2007), R.I.P. "

Anyway here is the first section which follows the prologue of the poem Café Apollinaire- which is along poem which I began writing over a dozen or so years ago -

The proprietor's Vision of Apollinaire
TALES OF Café Apollinaire:

Café Apollinaire is a three ring circus
a side-show of freaks
a poet dining on metaphors
an artist being eaten by painted lions
bones stripped clean of flesh
by imagined dreamed vultures
escaped from brain-fevered induced nightmares
of a starving artist
there's someone in the corner
playing spoons drawing a crowd
forming a new band playing
what is at hand pots & pans & an electric mixer-

This is the Weltanschauung
the world trapped
in the over-reaching over-arching net
tossed by the proprietor
of Café Apollinaire
in a vision says the cubist poet says
in a vision Guillaume Apollinaire
came to me in a dream
told me to dream this
through you I shall speak
through you I shall live again
in my words in your words
light a candle burn some incense
stare into a mirror of mercurial air
into a crystal ball -

Hear philosophers prophets poets spewing
power puking phosphorescent luminescent words
see acrobatic poets reciting verses
riding his favourite Hobby-horse
see foreign language poets
reading with subtitles
see chain-smoking mad poets
coughing choking on their own words
chewing gnawing on metaphors & myths
see poets dancing the tango
hanging from chandeliers
hear someone lecturing at every table
hear philosophers spouting logical nonsense
hear prophets who lost their followers
speaking of the Grace & Wrath
of a mythical drug induced God -

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