Monday, August 20, 2007


by gordon coombes

amazed by flowers blooming
in fields & ditches by the roadside
purple yellow blue & white lupins
white & blue daises
masses of yellow dandelions tiger lilies
sun flowers daffodil black-eyed susans
fiery-yellow & orange goblins
azaleas shaded by purple rhododendrons
& the over-powering sweet smell of flowering
delicate lilac bushes & wild burning red roses
& miniature pink & yellow roses
amazed at those I planted & tended
blooming in my flower bed-

amazed by rain & snow lightly falling
coming down in torrents & blizzards
amazed by glittering jade towers
rising in the distance out of the blue ocean
on a hot clear summers day
out of the grey Atlantic on a cloudy fall day
out of an ice-floe stretching blinding white
from the shoreline to the horizon-

amazed by small brown sparrows swifts
swallows little yellow song-birds
hopping from branch to branch
red robins & noisy blue-jays
screeching complaining black crows & ravens
& diving circling white sea-gulls soaring
bullying all those weaker birds
cormorants soar even higher then dive
plummeting into the sea a lake or pond
disappearing for a minute reappear
with a sad fish in their beaks
amazed by hummingbirds quickly quietly
dancing across the flower-beds
in the blink of an eye
amazed by tiny brown bats at night
soaring & diving about squeaking
catching flies around the street-lights
amazed by ducks & Canada Geese flying in formation
into the setting sun sometimes landing
in a pond a few feet from where I am
unconcerned with me indifferent
sometimes looking for a handout
several visit me every day til the snow comes-

amazed by jet planes
arching across the sky
leaving trails of smoke behind
one after another til the sky resembles
a multilane superhighway
all day & night they pass over
always four or five in the sky at a time
at night the lights appear on the horizon
pass over head to arc downward then disappear
heading for Gander for Britain & France
those places I've never been-

And now for a bit of music " All The Diamonds" by Bruce Cockburn

take care,

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