Thursday, August 23, 2007

Amazed 3 , Ravi Shankar & Space Tourism



Space Tourism :Proposed Launch Of Rockets from Cape Breton

Gampo Abbey with Double Rainbow
- Buddhist in Cape Breton

Views of The Cabot Trail, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia - ( like the Highlands of Scotland )

Anyway here's a little video I put together using the music of India -a raga called Dadra played by Sitar Master Ravi Shankar. I have combined images of Hindu Gods & Hindu Temples with Mandalas & Fractals along with some pics of Cape Breton where I reside which include the Cabot Trail & The Buddhist Gampo Abbey which is on the Cabot trail- since Cape Breton may soon be the site of Space Travel for tourists I included pics of Rocket Ships - the piece is meant to be an observation on the connection between inner space & outer space- anyway enjoy the music :

Amazed 3

Amazed by monks meditating
in Nepal in the Himalayas
beneath the shadow of mount Fuji
in the shadow of Cape Smokey
in the mountains of Cape Breton
hanging out over the Atlantic Ocean
as the fog rolls in
as the chilling winds of winter
blow steadily for weeks on end
& the snow drifts curve like a wave about to crash
pushing up against the walls of the Monastary -

Amazed by a thousand giant silver grey steel windmills
whirring & humming away in the strong steady winds -

Amazed by rocket-ships loaded with tourists
shaking the ground as they bolt into the sky
to hangout in space for an hour or two
then having sprouted wings to glide back to earth
another distraction for the well to do -

Amazed by a thousand Gods watching over us
applauding our little victories
weeping at our failures
sending us signs in the shape of rainbows
letting the moon at (noon ) mid-day swallow the sun -
sending crows & ravines
loons & swans
their squakings we mistranslate
our minds out of sync
lost in our own internal babble
& in the noise of all our gadgets & gizmos
all clunking away day & night
as if they could save us -

Amazed by an empty china blue sky
hanging above us -

Amazed by a thousand revolutionaries
Amazed by a thousand artists
pushing the limits
breaking all the old rules
wanting to say everything all at once
images broken shattered jumbled
crowded onto a canvass
writing verses mangled by reality
twisted by the imagination
corrupted by adoration
words washed ashore ship-wrecked poems
picked apart by gulls & scuttling crabs -

Amazed by a thousand musicians
a genius in every family
waiting to be discovered -

Amazed by the rise & fall of Empires
Amazed by the rise & fall of the sun
pulled by a fierce charioteer
into the depths of the night -

see you later,

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