Friday, April 17, 2015

Perpetual War: Hair -Let The Sunshine in

Hair - Let the Sunshine In The ending scenes of the movie Hair is among the saddest movie endings ever. One friend has taken the place of the other in an army camp but while there the battalion gets its order to deploy to Vietnam . His destiny is fixed and he dies in Vietnam. As many critics point out the film version of Hair is far superior to the actual original stage version .

 It is even more poignant today with the on going perpetual war and chaos in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Somalia, Nigeria, Ukraine and Pakistan and the war hawks biting at the bit to go to war against Iran & Russia & North Korea etc.

 We are now in the age of Perpetual war which began with Vietnam continued into 1990 invasion of Iraq then revved up after 9/11 with military intervention and invasion of Afghanistan and the unnecessary invasion of Iraq as supposedly the cure all to the world's problems .

America is the new colonial super power which has become militarized and its only option these days is war and more war.


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