Friday, March 26, 2010


Anyway here’s the next installments of the poem



The Boys in the Back Rooms

and the boys in the back rooms they know the score
they’ve got it all worked out
they’ve got it down pat
just the threat of hunger
or prison or execution
ah what people will do for just a crust of bread
& for three square meals a banquet to them
they will kiss their Saviours’ feet
& kneel before them as if they were Gods
toss them in prison a year or two will soften them up
an electrode or two clipped to their genitals wouldn’t do any real harm
a little dunk in a tub of water what a joke
making them malleable for the new world order
besides we have a civilization to protect don’t forget -

And the people march in the streets
in their hundreds then thousands
and even in their millions but do not fear my friend
because the boys in the back rooms are making deals
stabbing everyone they can in the back
ah they got it all figured out so don’t worry your empty head
they’ve worked out all the angles they could imagine
they’ve calculated the upside & downside
and the hucksters & the front men & the PR Guys & Gals
know just what to say
to keep the people from rising up
to keep the people in their place
to keep the people in the dark
and if the people go marching in the streets
demanding a change demanding abstract justice
causing traffic jams slowing down the clockwork machine
making the empty headed hedonists late for work
unable to shuffle papers or cheat & lie
in the name of their unholy masters
protecting the rich the powerful the well connected
& the boys in the backrooms keep pulling the strings -

ah the boys & gals in the backrooms they know the score
and they know just what to do
they’ve done it all so many times before
a little tear gas a couple of hundred m16s blazing away
gunship helicopters swooping down
disappear a few here & there
just a little glitch in the machinery & nothing more -

and the boys in the back rooms plan another war or two
digging in for another hundred years or more
and they’ve got it all worked out
fighting the enemy within
finding traitors everywhere
hiding in cellars in attics & closets
in cafes in bars & on street corners
in the town square in the city’s gardens & parks
in schools & churches
in temples & mosques & union halls
in soup kitchens & food banks
in factories & orchards
in fields of wheat & snow
even in towers of steel & glass -

and the boys in the back rooms know what to do
and they’ve got it all figured out
silencing any who dare disagree
silencing any who dare object
silencing any who dare protest
silencing any who dare resist
silencing any who dare talk of peace
silencing any who dare talk of justice -


Our Safe Zones

the world’s gone grey but we’re alright
in our gated communities
commuting to work with police escorts
passing billboards which hide the slums from our view
while soldiers roundup the homeless & street urchins
& other disturbers of our peace
the complainers & malcontents
who dare question our God Given social order
returning home the TV reassures us
that it’s all ok telling us only Good News
never showing scenes that might upset our sensitive souls
so a neighbor or friend disappears but who cares
besides our memories are just a burden
as each day our world is made anew
living under a plastic bubble
and we haven’t a care
as all our air is filtered
and our water purified
our food all sterilized
no need to worry we’ll live to a hundred or more
and those beyond the walls why should we care
if they don’t make it to fifty
in their broken down world
as they breathe dirty air
and drink from cess pools
which once were lakes
but it’s alright
cause we who deserve it will go on
by the Grace of God
and by the Grace of Darwin
being the fittest we shall survive
and we’ll go on generation after generation
feeding upon the earth & those who are inferior
for that after all is their role
their raison d ‘ete
sucking life out of the earth
& the billions we have enslaved
without the use of chains -


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