Thursday, January 8, 2009

Flobots- "Handlebars"

Just wanted to share this little ditty by the Flobots

Flobots- "Handlebars"

and here's some verses of my own :

Those Thousand Hour Nights

Those thousand hour nights
twisting the knife in
becoming a spectre
roaming the streets of this desolate city
from 3am til dawn
waiting for a sign
that never comes
feeling absurd
without a friend or lover
without a purpose
just to go on
crawling up the walls
and across the ceiling
and down again
amazed at the creature alone
losing himself in books
on art on poetry
in fantasies walking along the Seine
living in a garret
surrounded by artists and poets and revolutionaries
killing rats for a little nourishment
soon it all fades
ending the facade
so he kills a rat he says out of fear
or out of resentment
why should the rat feel free to come and go
as it pleases -

Take care,


Anonymous said...

Hello! :)

Annie said...

hi, i read your other posts, and i really enjoy reading this blog! i await more new posts. your insight into art and poetry is very inspiring. and i like that song: handlebars :]