Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Keith Wigdor' Surrealist Website

" my abs " by Fatima Azimova
" Take Me To The City " by Fatima Azimova
" La Cabeza " by Alicia Maria De La Camp
" Hondoes Dolores" by Alicia Maria De Lacamp
"Conversacion" by Alicia Maria de la Camp
" The Demon Mother " By Carrie Ann Baad
"THE RED QUEEN "By Carrie Ann Baad
"Cupid Complaining to Venus " By Carrie Ann Baad

The above works of art were found at the fairly new Keith Wigdor Presents Surrealism Now!
The website's purpose is to showcase works of art which are Surrealist or the Fantastic and the Imaginative.

If your interested take a peak.

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