Thursday, January 31, 2008


Anyway here is part one of the 2007 BBC documentary Mystery Flights about US Renditions program .

So more of this film next time.

Will those in the Bush administration and their cronies and their death squads ever have to face justice . Will Hillary or Obama make sure that justice is done or are they too beholden to the statue quo.

At Bush's state of the Union address Hillary Clinton showed her true colors stood up with the other sheep and applauded President Bush while Barack Obama stayed defiantly seated . Hillary Clinton like Bill Clinton is just one of the elite and has little interest in truly changing America's delusions of grandeur . Oh yes she might tinker with the system but otherwise she like Bush wants to make sure her and her rich friends continue to increase their wealth and power.What can one expect of a former CEO of Wallmart .

And so it goes,

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